Friday, 28 August 2009

A new start for subbuteo in Canada

The last few weeks have seen a difficult time for the canadian table football association. Mark Meihuizen has decided to resign as president and therefore the association is looking for a new organizer. The Federation of International Sports Table Football (FISTF) has decided to take over the position of organizer till a new person is appointed. There are already some contacts made with several people but we hope that there will be solutons found in te next few days.


Pierre said...

This is to let the canadian table soccer community know of the Quebec Subbuteo League. The web address is at: and the address to reach me is:

I am very aware of how big this nation is, and it isn't everybody who can travel east or west on a constant basis to play this game. Best thing for players to gather for specific events is for them to find sponsors who can help with the airfare and lodging expenses. Also something has to be done in regards of getting materials to play the game! Many people ask me is it found in stores? and my reply is everything is done online nowadays, since there is no canadian distributor of table soccer accessories. Last one I know about was based in Halifax in the early 1990s... anyhow, those viewing this entry know that I am still here, a fan of the game and try to keep myself informed of goings on on this side of the atlantic, and elsewhere where this great game is played!


Pierre Chastenais
Montreal QC
playing subbuteo since 1982
represented Canada in Paris 1994 (1st ever FISTF World Cup)

Colin said...

I know I've contacted a few people in Ontario about making the journey for their leagues but haven't been responded to. Rather disappointing.